One Space. Endless Experiences.

HYRISS (Hyper-Real Immersive Sound Space) revolutionizes auditory experiences in the home, retail, hospitality, and corporate environments with cutting-edge technology. By utilizing a high-resolution, 3D network of loudspeakers with advanced processing and creative technologies, HYRISS ensures unparalleled listening quality and acoustic comfort. It surpasses traditional sound systems by integrating advanced hardware and software to create dynamic, spatial audio tailored for any environment.

Sound Experiences. Reinvented.

  • High-resolution 3D listening: Experience exceptional sound clarity and comfort with a network of precisely placed loudspeakers.
  • Unparalleled control: Switch between precise, individual sound or create a fully immersive, 
spatial soundscape.
  • Adjustable intimacy: Tailor the sound experience to perfectly suit any situation, from intimate gatherings to expansive soundscapes.
  • Predefined Scenarios: Tailored listening experiences for everyday activities like news watching, presentations, or music.
  • Customizable Soundscapes: Record your own scenarios to suit your specific needs perfectly.
  • Speaker Control: Direct sound to specific speakers or enhance your voice for presentations.
  • Versatile Formats: Supports various sound formats from basic stereo to immersive Dolby Atmos and beyond.
  • Hardware & Software: HYRISS is a complete solution designed for seamless integration with your architecture.
  • Traditional Formats: Experience music reimagined with motion and spatial qualities, transforming stereo recordings into immersive experiences.
  • Simple Recordings: Turn any stereo recording into a captivating soundscape where each element has its own dedicated space.
  • Your Space: Optimizes acoustics for any activity, from singing and listening to music to cheering at sporting events or dancing in a club.
  • Every Activity: Creates dynamic and engaging experiences tailored to your needs.

Sound. An Integral Part of Your Life.

With HYRISS, live in the extraordinary sound space you’ve always dreamed of— where every day is an auditory masterpiece, and the space is a temple for the ears.

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