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Theatro Marrakech, Morocco’s Best Nightclub, Cements its World-Class Status with Upgrade to L-Acoustics K2 Theatro Marrakech, Morocco’s Best Nightclub, Cements its World-Class Status with...

A15 Focus
A15 Wide

MARRAKECH, Morocco, March 2024 – When Theatro Marrakech opened its doors in 2003, it was the very first nightclub in Morocco, and today, the 2,000-capacity venue still stages one of the most unique nightlife experiences in the world. Its consistent ranking as the best nightclub in Morocco, the best in Africa and one of the globe’s Top 50 has cemented the venue on the bucket list of travelers and artists alike. Before becoming a nightlife hotspot, Theatro was Africa’s first music hall, inaugurated over 60 years ago, and from this past, the club has kept both its unique décor – a mix of dramatic theatrical and dynamic Moroccan themes – and an immoderate taste for show.

Upgrading to a professional sound system to defend world-ranking status

Defending a competitive and coveted spot on the world’s nightlife ranking means keeping up with the best technology and for that reason, Theatro Marrakech recently upgraded to a premium L-Acoustics K2 sound system to attract leading international artists who know and appreciate the brand. Inspired by a visit to Omnia Las Vegas and its L-Acoustics professional sound system, Theatro management worked with renowned Paris-based nightclub consultant Timothée Renard of the Fox Agency and L-Acoustics Certified Provider Integrator Potar Hurlant for the upgrade. “Our main objective was to integrate a rider-ready sound system to attract internationally acclaimed artists and provide a unique experience for all of our clubbers, from the main floor to the intimate VIP areas,” commented Renard.  

Timothée Renard and the POTAR team, with the support of L-Acoustics Application Engineer Pascal Charousset, created a unique sound design for each section of the space: the central dance floor, a mezzanine, an ultra-VIP lounge facing the dance floor, and a mini-VIP zone just behind the DJ booth. The main dance floor and an upper balcony are covered by an L/R system of six K2 per side with four KS28 in cardioid configuration flown behind each hang, while three flown A15 Wide per side provide in-fill to the main dance floor while two A15 Focus per side are used for side-fill to a podium for performers and dancers. The DJ booth is flanked with one KS21 per side, topped by two A15 Focus for monitoring. A tiered mini-VIP area behind the DJ booth has an LCR system of three A15 Wide for the upper tier while the lower tier is served by five X8 coaxials. A single KS28 and LR hangs of three A15 Wide cover the dance floor from this area. Fourteen LA12X and three LA4X amplified controllers drive the entire system over Milan-AVB networking. 

Transforming a VIP Lounge

An ultra-VIP lounge below the balcony has a system of two hangs of one A15 Wide and one A15 Focus in front, with two additional hangs of one A15 Wide in the back corners and a ground-stacked KS28 topped by two KS21 subwoofers. “We wanted to offer an unparalleled experience in the VIP area, creating a profound impact in the low frequency range. Our most esteemed guests deserve nothing less than to feel the music as much as they hear it,” comments Julien Antinoff, Communications Manager at Theatro Marrakech.

“The audio upgrade has received positive feedback from our patrons and artists. Experiencing the new L-Acoustics concert sound system is like stepping into a new dimension of clubbing. The VIP Area, specifically, is a testament to this transformative journey,” concludes Renard.

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