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The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Upgrades to L-Acoustics A Series The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Upgrades to L-Acoustics A Series...


Rightway Audio Consultants support audio upgrades with an L/C/R system design of A10i Focus and Wide in a cross-faculty lecture hall

SHANGHAI, China – February 2024 – Hewing the school motto of “Harmony, Determination, Dignity, and Sincerity,” the Shanghai Conservatory of Music cultivates excellence in young artists from China and beyond who come to the university to pursue degrees in composition, conducting, musicology, music education, voice opera and more. The Conservatory, housed in the upscale Xuhui District of Shanghai, is the first music institution in China to combine elementary, secondary, and higher education in one system.

Constantly striving to future-proof its facilities, the Conservatory recently upgraded audio in the multi-functional North Building Lecture Hall, which hosts conferences, concerts, and professional academic lectures. Wang Yin Acoustics Design Studio led the renovation of the acoustics treatment, and L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor Rightway Audio Consultants (RAC) led the upgrade of the professional sound system.

Acoustic treatment reduced the hall’s reverb time to a minimum, leaving a blank slate for the concert-grade audio system to deliver the asked-for performance and consistency of a live recording studio or post-production facility. To accomplish this, RAC then installed an L/C/R design using one L-Acoustics A10i Wide and one A10i Focus per hang, taking advantage of the A Series Panflex horizontal flexibility to attain even sound coverage throughout the hall. L-Acoustics KS21 subwoofers delivered extended low-frequency while X8 speakers were placed on the edge of the stage for monitoring. Once installed, the team at RAC leaned on the L-Acoustics P1 processor for system tuning.

“The audio upgrade equips the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with quality and flexibility for any kind of performance or program. Having an L-Acoustics professional sound system will help the school meet the needs of students and faculty for years to come,” concludes Mr. Li Junlong of Rightway Audio Consultants.

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