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RAC Deploy Immersive Sound Experience by L-Acoustics for Multi-Media Exhibition in World’s Largest Duty-Free Shopping Complex RAC Deploy Immersive Sound Experience by L-Acoustics for Multi-Media Exhibition ...

Rightway Audio Consultants supports Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop’s video, light, and art installations with compact L-Acoustics Kara, X12, and X8

HAIKOU, China – January 2024 – Officially opened in October 2022, The Haikou International Duty-Free City Shopping Complex is the largest duty-free center in the world. Built adjacent to China’s Hainan province capital’s newest seaport and transportation hub on the west coast of Haikou City, the sprawling complex covers an area of 280,000 square meters. Designed by Valode & Pistre Architects, the building’s exterior features a stunning wave-shaped roof that shelters over 800 retail outlets from the world’s most renowned brands. In addition to shopping, the high-grade offices, luxury hospitality concepts, and art exhibition spaces attract leisure, tourism, and business activities to Haikou.

The complex’s main atrium was recently the host to The Forest at the Edge of the Sky exhibition, which told the story of a fantastical Hainan through a dream-like multi-sensory world. The immersive experience centered around a 27-meter high and 12-meter wide LED screen, installed on one side of the five-story high and 50-meter wide atrium square. With creative visual content created by the special effects company Weta Workshop, the exhibition integrated the giant video display and physical art installations with lighting and sound systems to recreate an imaginative version of Hainan’s natural environment.

The New Zealand-based company, a six-time Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects, leaned on L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor Rightway Audio Consultants (RAC) to deliver a world-class audio solution for the duration of the immersive multi-media exhibition and meet Haikou’s objective to provide a one of a kind ‘retailtainment’ experience that would transport shoppers through time and space. 

The system’s design needed optimal sound coverage throughout the vast space to reach mall audiences, viewing the large LED display from vantage points roaming from the first to the fifth floor. The RAC team envisioned a system consisting of compact L-Acoustics speaker products so they could be deployed in tight, reserved spaces for audio. Elements would be installed as close as possible to the large-format video displays, some others hidden amongst elaborate art installations in various exhibition areas.

RAC’s system engineers used L-Acoustics Soundvision to ideate the ideal system across the complex audience area. Only minor adjustments were needed from design to deployment, significantly reducing installation time amidst the bustle of footfall during busier retail operating hours.

The team at RAC deployed a combination of L-Acoustics Kara and X12 on both sides of the LED display screen. A group of Kara boxes delivered sound coverage to the atrium’s first-floor square, while another group of Kara ensured coverage from the second to the fourth floor. L-Acoustics X12 was used to deliver sound to the topmost fifth floor. Coaxial X12 boxes also made up a surround system for the atrium square. L-Acoustics Syva Sub and SB18IIi subwoofers ensured low-end definition to the entire immersive audio experience.

Adjacent to the atrium, a 40-meter-long escalator is wrapped in a metallic art structure inspired by a gigantic tree trunk. Within, it was fitted with a professional audio system consisting of X8 boxes and SB10i subwoofers that played back interactive, cinematic soundscapes. The Moon Bridge and Deer structural and light installation also required audio content playback and utilized L-Acoustics X8 boxes.

The systems delivered sufficient SPL to audiences spread across the five floors of the atrium while visually engaging mall visitors through the multi-media art installations. RAC was pleased to have presented pristine L-Acoustics signature sound to match the award-winning, world-renowned creative visual ideas of Weta Workshop.

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