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L-Acoustics A Series in 7.1 Surround Configuration Stars at Thailand Planetarium L-Acoustics A Series in 7.1 Surround Configuration Stars at Thailand Planetarium...

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Vision One & Be Balance install and configure a 7.1 surround system using A10 Wide, X8, and a KS21 subwoofer with the user-friendly LA Network Manager

NONTHABURI, Thailand – January 2022 Established in 1955, the Chonprathan Wittaya School is a private institution with over six thousand students attending elementary, primary, and secondary level programs in both Thai and English. Located just outside Bangkok, the school has recently built a planetarium to screen earth and space documentaries as part of the educational curriculum. 

System integrators Be Balance, along with local L-Acoustics Certified Provider Vision One, used L-Acoustics Soundvision software to develop 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems, considering the architectural specifications of the space, which was still under construction. The school’s technical team was confident with the world-class quality of L-Acoustics solutions, recognizing the brand from projects such as the high-profile Royal Cremation Ceremony of the late Thai King Bhumibol, where Vision One provided audio across the 66-day event. Relying on the predictions of Soundvision, the team chose the 7.1 system for its optimal, 360-degree coverage.

Detailed structural drawings of the planetarium’s dome-shaped interior allowed Be Balance and Vision One to plot speaker rigging, angles, and support points. The team chose a combination of L-Acoustics A10 Wide and X8 for the precision of their horizontal and vertical coverage angles and their ideal power-to-size ratio for the venue space.

The installation consisted of three L-Acoustics A10 Wide hung in a Left-Center-Right configuration. A total of eight X8 were installed as surround L/R and surround rear L/R. A KS21 subwoofer was installed flush in a wall at the front and center of the planetarium. Be Balance relied on Vision One to configure and tune the system using LA Network Manager. During a testing session, the school’s technical operators heard the L-Acoustics system’s pristine sound quality for the first time and were introduced to its user-friendly operation.

Chonnaphat Kanlaiphiphat, the Sound system designer at Be Balance, reveals how the complete L-Acoustics system met clients’ expectations. “Every person seated in the audience was able to receive consistent SPL coverage with brilliant and well-balanced sound clarity in multiple output formats; L/R stereo, surround 5.1, and surround 7.1. We are proud to have equipped Thailand’s first-ever L-Acoustics system in a planetarium, for a highly reputable name in Thailand’s private education sector.”

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