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Discrete Syva and X Series from L-Acoustics Create Soothing Nature-Inspired Space in MADE LIM Café Discrete Syva and X Series from L-Acoustics Create Soothing Nature-Inspired Spac...

Dreamsystec designed and integrated Syva and X4i in a creatively converted century-old church

INCHEON, South Korea – December 2023 – For MADE LIM Café, architects NONE SPACE reimagined a 120-year-old church, transforming it into a five-story art, dining, and performance space inspired by natural elements such as water, light, sky, garden, and darkness. Retaining the original brick and stained-glass elements of the house of worship, NONE SPACE chose to embrace the history of the space while establishing a new brand story based on restfulness and nature. Over the venue’s five floors, visitors can now enjoy exhibition spaces, dining, a bakery/café, and a performance space where musicians play jazz, classical, and pop weekly.

With each floor offering a unique nature-inspired theme, the MADE LIM design team wanted to offer natural, clear, non-intrusive sound to enhance and deepen the feeling of rest and immersion. With an audio program comprised of nature-themed sound effects and calming background music in addition to the dedicated performance space, the MADE LIM team sought the expertise of L-Acoustics Certified Partner Integrator Dreamsystec to design a professional audio system throughout the venue.

Dreamsystec proposed a solution based around powerful yet discrete Syva and X Series models that would provide even coverage with audio clarity while melting into the decor. Following a listening demonstration, the MADE LIM team agreed this was the right solution for their objectives.

Dreamsystec, led by project manager Yang Jin Seok, worked with the experienced system designers from L-Acoustics Certified Partner Distributor Klausys to plot the various interior spaces and seating positions in L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D audio modeling software. Their design for the Forest Hall dining and performance space comprised a pair of L-Acoustics Syva and Syva Low positioned on stage, with four X4i coaxial boxes dotted throughout the room for fill. One LA4X amplified controller drives the on-stage system. Twenty-three compact X4i speakers are installed and distributed evenly throughout the other exhibition areas, driven by six LA2Xi amplified controllers.

“The compact X4i delivers pristine and dynamic sound with minimal visual interference, which is exactly what we need in these elaborately designed rooms,” says Mr. Yang. “On stage, Syva features a luxury-infused design that perfectly matches the performance hall’s interiors while delivering unrivaled live audio sound.” 

Dreamsystec worked closely with the MADE LIM technical team from system design through commissioning. During the opening performances, they provided system and workflow training to familiarise engineers with their newly installed L-Acoustics professional sound system. “I am very pleased with the results of this project. Syva and X Series blend in well with the aesthetic while fulfilling the technical objectives of the beautiful MADE LIM space,” says Mr. Yang. “We are proud to have integrated an L-Acoustics system which welcomes the rebirth of a magnificent century-old church building with a new brand story,” he concludes.

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