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Brand New Bucheon Arts Centre Installed with L-Acoustics K3 Brand New Bucheon Arts Centre Installed with L-Acoustics K3...


Dreamsystec and Klausys design and integrate an L-Acoustics K3-based system in the main hall, home to the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra and Bucheon Civic Chorale.

BUCHEON, South Korea – September 2023 – In Bucheon, twenty-five kilometers southwest of Seoul, stands the newly-built Bucheon Arts Centre (BAC). The government-led project, which broke ground in 2020 on a city-owned site across from South Korea’s Central Park, was inaugurated in May of this year. Designed by renowned multinational architects Arup, the Centre is now home to the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra and Bucheon Civic Chorale, who regularly perform to audiences in its 1,450-seat concert hall. 

The world-class facility is the first of its kind in Korea. It features a sophisticated acoustic environment designed to connect current artists with the next generation of musicians, hosting classical orchestra, jazz, world music, opera, and amplified speech events. To further enrich the cultural experience for concertgoers, the management team at BAC turned to L-Acoustics Certified Partner Integrator Dreamsystec and Certified Partner Distributor Klausys. With a stunning portfolio of over 200 performance and concert hall projects, Dreamsystec was the ideal partner to integrate a concert sound system in the main hall, which also boasts adjustable overhead canopies, on-stage sound reflectors, and a motorized cloth system on the walls to ensure an optimum acoustic environment.

The three-level main hall features a vineyard seating design with a combination of traditional shoebox seating in front of the stage and raised tiers of seating behind and to either side of the stage. Dreamsystec worked with the application team at Klausys and L-Acoustics on a design proposal that would cover the entire 360-degree audience. Cheol Jang, Technical Support Engineer for Klausys, says, “The system needed to be as discreet as possible to limit interference with the venue’s interior design. I knew the compact size of the L-Acoustics K3 would blend in beautifully while offering long-throw and clear sound in the hall, which naturally has a longer reverberation time.”

Identifying optimum positions to install speakers amidst the overhead acoustics reflectors, which were at varying heights from the hall’s ceiling, was a challenge. Cheol used L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D modeling software to plot ideal speaker placement and ensure even coverage throughout the hall.

The system installed consists of a left/center/right configuration with arrays of 10 L-Acoustics K3 at left and right with a center array of two A15 Focus and two A15 Wide, which cover much of the main floor, as well as balcony seats on the second floor. The full-range K3 enclosures were complemented with two SB28 subwoofers, extending the low-frequency limit. Front-fill is delivered by 14 X4i coaxial enclosures embedded evenly across the stage lip. Complementing the main system, an additional array of six A10 Focus cabinets covers third-floor balcony seats, and two A10i Focus and two A10i Wide per side provide delay. Four X12 coaxial speakers on stage provide monitoring for performers. One LA2Xi, five LA4X, and five LA12X amplified controllers drive the entire system.

The main hall uses an Avid S6L mixing console networked with the L-Acoustics amplified controllers via Milan AVB.

Adjacent to the main concert hall is the Art Hall, a 304-seat black box theatre suitable for smaller classical concerts, such as chamber music or solo musical shows. Dreamsystec installed one L-Acoustics ARCS Focus and two ARCS Wide per side in the Art Hall, with four X12 enclosures as monitors. Four LA2Xi amplified controllers drive the entire system.

Since the installation, the BAC has held annual marquee events such as the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, the Bucheon International Animation Festival, and the Bucheon International Comics Festival.

“The state-of-the-art audio system has provided the audience and performers with the utmost satisfaction,” says the sound director at Bucheon Arts Centre. “The goal for myself and my team now with every performance is to deliver the best system operation, creating world-class audio experiences for concertgoers.”

Minjung Kang, lead project manager at Dreamsystec, concurs, “We successfully achieved operational efficiency for the BAC team, and our center now has sound clarity with our L-Acoustics concert sound system, which has led to great satisfaction among the audience.”

But the most outstanding feedback comes from the audience, such as this concertgoer who praised the beautiful harmony between the softer, subtle, and more powerful, rich sonic moments: “The instruments utilized natural sound with each orchestral piece, while the vocalist’s voice was reinforced. A beautiful, harmonious blend of natural instruments and the richly reinforced vocals makes me look forward to attending more upcoming performances at Bucheon Art Centre’s concert hall.”

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