What is a System Handover?

A System Handover is carried out by L-Acoustics certified personnel and consists of an on-site system calibration combined with a complementary technical briefing.
The system calibration involves on-site verification, measurement, and optimization of the system. Following a detailed procedure, we ensure that all aspects and performance of the system are checked, optimized, and validated.
The technical briefing is targeted at the technical stakeholders of the project responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the system, ensuring that on-site personnel is equipped with the knowledge and tools required for the ongoing operation of the system.

icon 1 Optimization and Validation of Sound System Performance
icon 2 Calibration Workflow to Manufacturer Guidelines
icon 3 Carried out by L-Acoustics Certified Personnel

Who will do it?

The L-Acoustics global team of highly experienced Application Engineers will carry out the system calibration and handover services. We also operate a global network of regional L-Acoustics Authorized Calibration Centers, which have trained personnel authorized to carry out the calibration and handover services.

The system handover service ensures smooth project commissioning for smaller projects that do not require a full day of extensive calibration. I usually can finish a small calibration session before lunch. The rest of the day is used to explain the system's technical details and operational aspects; then, I would reiterate some design and tuning aspects and make sure that the venue crew is comfortable handling their new system. We achieve consistent project quality regardless of budget, and, more importantly, our clients are happy with the result.

Martin Rode

Martin Rode

Head of Application, Germany/Austria/Switzerland

What is included?


We will review system documentation, predictive modeling, and session files to ensure that all information is up to date and matches the deployment of the system.


On-Site Measurements
Our team will conduct on-site verification of the deployment of the system and perform acoustic measurements of system components.


System Optimization
We will analyze acoustic measurement data and electronically optimize the deployed system to ensure its best possible performance in the venue.


Handover and Reporting
After providing a technical briefing to venue staff to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge required for ongoing optimal operation, we will hand over the session files to the venue staff & integrator.

Practical Information

Our System Handover service is available for the conventional speaker range of L-Acoustics sound systems: the S, P, and X Series and the constant curvature A Series products.
For projects with our variable curvature K Series, we recommend the extended System Calibration Service. However, for simple project profiles using not more than 12 boxes of Kiva II, Kara II, or K3, a System Handover Service is applicable.
The System Handover Service does not apply to L-ISA, Arena, Stadia, or K1/K2 projects.


System Calibration - One Full Calibration Day System Handover - One Day (Half-day calibration, half-day technical briefing)


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