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What is architectural drafting?

The first step in delivering an exceptional sound system for any project is good design, and the foundation of every good design is an accurate venue model. Using existing information, our specialist team of Architectural Drafters can produce an accurate 3D drawing of your venue. These are supplied in our native Soundvision as well as other formats (SketchUp and CAD) upon request.

icon 1 Flexibilty to use a variety of input sources
icon 2 Produce an accurate 3D venue model
icon 3 Carried out by L-Acoustics' specialist team of Architectural Drafters

Who will do it?

Our specialist team of Architectural Drafters have extensive experience across a range of major international projects including stadia, theaters, houses of worship, special events and many more.

At Architectural Drafting, our experienced and ardent professionals create precise and methodise Soundvision 3D room models for ease of visualization. A successful Sound System Design begins with an accurate room model. We are proud to participate and set the ball rolling for your esteemed projects.

David Ly

David Ly

Head of Application Project, Architectural Design

What we need?


Onsite Surveys
We can visit your venue to take measurements onsite. This will include measuring the overall audience geometry and key architectural features.


We can use existing architectural drawings of the venue. Plan and section views provide us with the detail required to produce the model.


File Import
We can in import compatible 2D or 3D drawings files to produce the model. Suitable formats include:

  • AutoDesk
  • SketchUp
  • Vectorworks
  • Solidworks

Practical informations

Please note that the detail of the venue drawing we can produce is subject to the information provided. As a minimum, the drawing will include accurate representations of the audience areas as well as key architectural features that impact the electro acoustic performance and / or location of the sound system. The scope and duration of this service would be determined in an early stage of project assessment.


Architectural Drafting Service - 1 day minimum (Full day)


Please contact us for a personal evaluation.

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