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Rack de tournée avec AVB

  • LA-RAK II avec deux switchs AVB
    LS10 intégrés
  • 12 canaux d’amplification haute puissance
  • Châssis 9U haute performance conçu pour posage et levage
  • Entrées et distribution AVB, AES, ANA
  • Redondance de réseau sans coupure suivant le protocole Milan
  • Utilisable dans le monde entier
    (100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz)
  • Nouveau standard durable
  • Compatible avec LA-RAK II


LA-RAK II AVB is built upon the internationally recognized LA-RAK II adding  AVB and Milan seamless network redundancy functionalities. LA-RAK II AVB adds two LS10 AVB switches to create a full L‑Acoustics AVB ecosystem for large format touring productions to further improve audio quality and simplify deployment.

LA-RAK II AVB is a standardized 9U prewired touring rack. It is equipped with three Milan-certified LA12X amplified controllers for twelve channels of high-power amplification, two LS10 AVB switches for redundant AVB audio and control, one LA-PANEL II panel for analog and AES distribution, one LA-POWER II panel for power distribution and one blank panel. With power connectors for any voltage standard, LA-RAK II AVB can be used worldwide to facilitate tour logistics and cross-rental.

The rugged rack features a shock-absorbing inner frame with retractable front and rear doors, a detachable dolly and four handles to ease transport and manipulation. LA-RAK II AVB can also be flown with the dedicated flying frame or mounted on large-format line sources flying frames to reduce loudspeaker cables lengths.

 “Our goal at L-Acoustics is to consistently evolve our technology to optimize system design, deployment and control, so that sound engineers can focus on creating extraordinary experiences for their artists and audience. Launching a dedicated AVB rack is our way of making tours and mobile installations as fast and simple as possible for sound professionals while further improving audio quality.”

Genio Kronauer,
Director of Electronics Development at L-Acoustics and Avnu board member

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