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Covid 19 specific adjustments

We are glad to announce that the in-person training program is restarting at L-Acoustics facilities and wherever specific sanitary measures can be applied. These measures comply with the highest security standard to ensure the safety of our employees, trainers and trainees. This involves smaller groups in certain locations to respect social distancing, wearing face masks and make hydroalcoholic gel available wherever needed, adjusted agenda and procedures.

As a temporary alternative, L-Acoustics proposes a 100% online version of its System Fundamentals training, prerequisite for all other L-Acoustics training modules.
The Online System Fundamentals training is framed by 2 virtual classrooms of 2 hours, scheduled at 1 week interval. It includes about 6 hours of e-learning courses and 2 practical exercises to complete in between. All the training material is in English. More information about content and agenda can be found here.

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