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AES Show Fall 2020

06/10/2020 - 30/10/2020

06/10/2020 - 30/10/2020

2020, October 6th - 2020, October 30th

- Online

Trade type:Type d'évènement :Trade type: Virtual Conference
Company:Entreprise :Company: L-Acoustics

Join L-Acoustics at the AES 2020 virtual conference! Register for a free AES Fall 2020 Showcase pass using code AES20202L-A here.

Check out all the places you can find us at the Audio Engineering Society's 149th Convention:

AoIP Summit Live Presentation October 13th 5:00PM EST

  • Topic: AVB | MILAN for Live Sound – The L-Acoustics Approach
  • Presenter: Scott Sugden

AES On Demand Technical Program October 27 – 30th 10:00AM – 8:00PM EST

Workshop Panel: Sound Reinforcement

  • Topic: 3D Audio for Live Events
  • Hosted by Scott Sugden with guest panelists:
    • Ralf Zuleeg – d&b Audiotechnik,
    • Hugo Larin – FLUX IRCAM Spat Revolution
    • Phil Kamp – KLANG Technologies

Workshop Tutorial: Sound Reinforcement

  • Topic: An evolutionary view on audio and control distribution for live sound reinforcement.
  • Presenter: Etienne Corteel

Paper Presentation: Audio Application & Technologies

  • Topic: Audience effect on the response of a loudspeaker system in the low frequency range, part 1: magnitude
  • Presenters:
    • Thomas Mouterde, L-Acoustics Field Application Research
    • Etienne Corteel, L-Acoustics Global Director of Education & Scientific Outreach
    • Manuel Melon, Le Mans University, Coordinator of the International Masters Degree on ElectroAcoustics (IMDEA)

AES Technical Program Sound Reinforcement Workshop: Live Panel October 27th 6:30PM – 8:00PM EST

  • Topic: Sound Engineering for Safe Listening
  • Panelists:
    • Shelly Chada, WHO
    • Kaloyan Kamenov, WHO
    • Mark Laureyns, AEA European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals
    • Adam J. Hill, University of Derby
    • Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics
    • Ian Wiggins, University of Niottingham
    • Marcel Kok, dbcontrol
  • Contributor: Etienne Corteel

AES Technical Program Sound Reinforcement Workshop: Live Panel October 30th 3:30PM – 5:00PM EST

  • Topic: Research, Education and Knowledge Transfer in Sound Reinforcement
  • Panelists:
    • Moderator - Elena Shabalina, d&b Audiotechnik
    • Finn Agerkvist, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    • Manuel Melon, Le Mans University
    • Martin Møller, Bang & Olufsen a/s
    • Adm J Hill, University of Derby
    • Etienne Corteel, L-Acoustics
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