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Technicians/Engineers Qualifications2020-12-28T18:32:09+00:00

L-Acoustics acknowledges two levels of qualification for the exploitation of variable curvature WST systems: System Technician (ST) and K System Engineer (KSE).

The System Technician (ST)

ST status represents recognition by L-Acoustics that the technician has been trained in all the technical and operational aspects which are necessary for the preparation and the installation of a variable curvature WST system.

Mission and skills:

  • Preparation and installation of WST enclosures
  • Preparation and installation of L-Acoustics amplified controllers
  • Basic knowledge of SOUNDVISION software
  • Basic knowledge of LA NETWORK MANAGER software

How to become an ST?
The ST status can be obtained by attending the two Level 1 training days from L-Acoustics: System Fundamentals and K System.
The ST status is obtained independently for each of the K Systems, by means of the Certificate of Attendance to the corresponding module (K1K2, K3, KARA, or KIVA II).

The K System Engineer (KSE)

KSE status represents recognition by L-Acoustics, the industry and peers that an ST has achieved an advanced level of understanding in implementing L-Acoustics systems.

Mission and skills:

  • Preparation and installation of WST enclosures of various formats
  • Preparation and installation of L-Acoustics amplified controllers
  • Advanced knowledge of SOUNDVISION software
  • Advanced knowledge of LA NETWORK MANAGER software
  • System configuration and calibration

How to become a KSE?

The KSE status is an accreditation delivered by L-Acoustics following an evaluation of an individual application.

Before applying, the following pre-requisites must be met:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in the audio industry
  • Two years or more experience on both one modular and one large format L-Acoustics line source system following
    qualification as an ST
  • An extensive real world experience and working knowledge of the L-Acoustics systems
  • Demonstrated fluency in both Soundvision and LA Network Manager software
  • Attend the level 2 training modules

If you meet the above prerequisites, we invite you to fill out the application form online, submitting five of your SOUNDVISION system designs and associated LA NETWORK MANAGER session files. All applications will be reviewed by the L-Acoustics Application department. For more information, please contact KSE@l-acoustics.com.

KSE benefits

Applicants that qualify for the status of KSE will receive an official welcome letter, an official KSE identification card, a KSE jacket and publication in the online KSE directory.

L-ISA Certification

  • The L-ISA Systems Engineer skills include:
  • Mastery of L-ISA Full system approach
  • Object-based mixing (L-ISA controller software functionalities spatial balance creation)
  • Dynamic mixing (snapshots for motion, spatial balance modification, third-party and dynamic mixing controls)
  • System design (Soundvision, metrics optimization, layout, individual source design, level and time alignment of fill systems)
  • Implementation (processor, controller configuration, rigging, system calibration)
  • Project management and workflow (planning, content production, scaling from studio to venue, mix adaptation, hosting).

KSE Application Form

  • Name of affiliated Rental Agents
  • L-Acoustics training
  • List name of most prominent tours:
  • Accepted file types: zip.
    Please submit a .zip file that includes:
    - 5 Soundvision .xmlp files
    - 5 associated LA Network Manager .lses files
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.
    Please include one photo of yourself in JPEG format (optional)
  • By submitting this form, I agree that all the information I have entered is accurate and give permission for the publication of my full name and country or residence on the KSE online directory. I agree to be 'messaged' through the directory (a 'message' button will allow others to contact you without revealing your email address). I also agree that my personal contact information will be made available to the L-Acoustics rental network exclusively upon request.
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