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Network Collaboration Platform and Synergies

The Rental Network is a platform of cooperation designed for the L-Acoustics Rental community. Inspired by the original concept of the V-DOSC partnership, the Rental Network offers its agents:

  • A privileged access to innovative systems with high brand acceptance
  • An opportunity to raise the agent's corporate profile and visibility amongst top sound companies
  • Development of cross-rental business, cooperation and synergies between agents
  • Flexibility of rental supply with worldwide availability of standardized systems
  • A quality label to engineers, productions, promoters and artists

Additional benefits include:

  • Company listing on L-Acoustics website
  • Referencing of productions in the L-Acoustics Rental references website section
  • Authorization to use the L-Acoustics Rental Network logo for promotional purposes
  • Access to PR resources for success stories
  • Publication of agent activity in newsletters

L-Acoustics Rental Network World Map

The Rental Network comprises around 700 rental companies worldwide, employing 10,000+ technicians and operating 100,000+ enclosures sharing a universal system standard. The Network community allows its agents to grow business through cross-rental activities to respond to seasonal activity peaks and joint productions with pooled inventories for large scale projects. The Rental Network comprises the A Series, K series, and the L-ISA technology.

Network Charter

The Rental Network working principles are based on three principles as defined in the Network Charter :

  • Ensure worldwide availability with systems inventory thresholds for various rental segments
  • Offer a universal standard to ensure performance and compatibility of systems for cooperation
  • Ensure a human standard of excellence and safety through an education program designed for technicians

Inventory Threshold

L-Acoustics offers truly innovative sound systems with the highest brand acceptance. Choosing and dimensioning a main PA system is a strategic decision, and establishing a system inventory threshold is a key factor:

  • In positioning the company and gaining visibility in the rental market place
  • In generating dry rental requests from others with an attractive inventory level
  • In delivering performance (Coverage, Headroom, SPL, Directivity control, etc...) for special productions

The L-Acoustics authorized representative can analyze your rental activity with you to determine the right system inventory to optimize the return on investment.

Performance, Simplicity, Efficiency

Establishing a standard helps in delivering:

  • Predictable performance and system behavior with its optimized components
  • Simplified cross rental, easy system interfacing and fast pooling of systems
  • Maximum efficiency and safety in the field with standard electronics, cables, accessories

The "KX" system standard is L-Acoustics’ quality benchmark. It ensures that a system will perform to specifications in a predictable
manner, with the maximum protection and plug and play capability for cross-rentals. It includes the Kara (II), K3, K2, K1 enclosures, the KS28 associated subwoofer, the P1 processor, and the LA-RAK II (AVB) integrated electronics rack and system accessories.

The "K" standard is the L-Acoustics’ quality benchmark until April 1st, 2019. It ensures that a system will perform to specifications in a predictable manner, with the maximum protection and plug and play capability for cross-rentals. It includes the Kara (II), K2, K1 enclosures, the SB28 associated subwoofer, and the LA-RAK integrated electronics rack and system accessories.

The "H" standard includes the A Series, the Kiva II enclosures, and the K series not K(X) compliant.

Rental Network Standards charts

Current systems

Standards A Series Kiva II Kara (II) K3 K2 K1
KX N/A 24 Kara (II)
8 SB18

(AVB) 1 P1

24 K3
8 KS28

(AVB) 1 P1

24 K2
8 K1-SB
8 KS28

(AVB) 2 P1

48 K1
24 K1-SB
24 K2
12 Kara (II)
24 KS28

(AVB) 4 P1

K 24 Kara (II)
8 SB18


N/A 24 K2
8 K1-SB
8 KS28/SB28


48 K1
24 K1-SB
24 K2
12 Kara (II)
24 KS28/SB28


H 4 A15W
4 A15F
8 KS21
4 A10W
4 A10F
4 KS21


12 Kiva II
4 SB15m


12 Kara (II)
4 SB18


12 K3


12 K2
8 K1-SB
or KS28
or SB28



Table of standards for current systems as of January 1st, 2021.

Some examples :

L-ISA agents

L-ISA agents are Rental Network companies with a capability to deploy rental systems according to the L-ISA standards. L-ISA
agents must meet the following criteria:

  • Enclosures inventory equal to H, K or KX standard
  • L-ISA processor inventory equal or above 2 units
  • A minimum of 2 in-house technicians ST’s and/or KSE’s with L-ISA Certification

L-ISA agents will be listed on the L-ISA website.

Qualified technicians & training program

A training program provides the rental agent's sound technicians and engineers with qualifications to operate the K standard systems as System Technicians.

Contact us

If you wish your company to be listed in the L-Acoustics Rental Network Directory or update your company information please contact us.

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