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AVB Switch

Designed to overcome the challenges of touring events and installation applications, LS10 is a plug-and-play Avnu-certified AVB switch that integrates seamlessly within the L-Acoustics ecosystem. LS10 runs out of the box AVB for simplified connectivity, united audio and control distribution, and reliable networking. Users spend less time setting up systems and more time focusing on the strategic goal of creating unforgettable audio experiences.


As a member of the Avnu Alliance, L-Acoustics is committed to the development of a complete ecosystem of interoperable devices using IEEE’s open AVB standards. Benefits are:

  • > Guaranteed delivery of time sensitive data
  • > Guaranteed phase accuracy
  • > Low latency
  • > Maximized bandwidth usage
  • > Easy setup

“We know our users don’t have the bandwidth to be IT experts, spending all their time configuring networks. With LS10, you get a rugged AVB that works effortlessly. All you have to do is plug in LS10, you are ready to send audio through your entire network in seconds.”

Genio Kronauer,
Director of Electronics at L-Acoustics,
Member of the Milan workgroup

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