• Cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network
  • High-grade 24 bit A/D converters, 130 dB dynamic range
  • 96 kHz/32 bit floating point SHARC DSP
  • 4 channel high efficiency amplifier section fed by 2 inputs
  • 4 x 1800 W / 4 Ohms
  • Advanced dual IIR/FIR filter algorithms
  • Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection
  • Complete onboard L-ACOUSTICS preset library
  • LA NETWORK MANAGER 2 software for remote control & monitoring
  • AES/EBU Standard on LA8 and LA-RAK

RELEASE PACK – April 1st, 2019 – Main new features include:

LA Network Manager 2.7.0

  • New Session file format *.nwm.
  • Project files (*.xmlp) saved from Soundvision (version 3.1 minimum) can be loaded to automatically create Sessions matching the Soundvision simulations. Possibility to later synchronize Zoning groups parameters.
  • Autoclimate feature to adjust the gain of the Air Compensation filters at once on all groups imported from Soundvision.
  • P1 :
    • Possibility in Tuning to assign inputs or outputs settings to up to 8 gangs for simultaneous control of gains and mute
    • AES and AVB color coded status indicated on objects when the Unit View slider is on Input
    • Indication of external temperature and humidity from P1 probe when Unit View slider is on Unit Temperature
  • Includes new firmware 2.9.8.

Firmware 2.9.8

  • New interface for IP settings: added subnet mask and gateway settings for installations with a centralized supervision of multiple venues.
  • Store and recall of configurations including group parameters from QSC® Q-SYS™ control platform for Fixed Installations.

Refer to the LA Network Manager Help for complete details.


Proprietary algorithms are processed in a 32-bit floating point DSP engine at a 96 kHz sampling rate. A dedicated engineering approach combining IIR and FIR filters allows generating perfectly linearized phase curves and significantly improved impulse responses for an even more natural, transparent, and realistic sound experience. Two cascaded 24-bit A/D converters at the front-end yield a ground-breaking encoding dynamic of 130 dB.
The L-DRIVE protection system carries out a dual analysis of signal level in real-time and RMS. Under extreme conditions when component membranes reach the over-excursion zone or if the coil ensemble temperature reaches a critical point, L-DRIVE acts as a power regulator. As a result the amount of power delivered at any channel is adjusted to the dynamic and thermal capacity of each individual transducer. This optimizes the power resources while preserving the highest dynamic range.
With a complete preset library and the possibility of creating additional user presets, the engineer is offered fingertip access to all the usual L-ACOUSTICS® loudspeaker system configurations.


The four amplifier channels driven by two inputs provide optimum system flexibility. The LA4 and LA8 offer two specific power ranges (4 x 1000 watts into 4 ohms, and 4 x 1800 watts into 4 or 2.7 ohms, respectively) yielding perfect power matching to each individual L-ACOUSTICS® loudspeaker system.
The built-in technologies allow control of the very wide dynamic range found in live audio productions while the high-efficiency components offer superior reliability, all from a sleek ergonomic package with exceptional weight/size ratio.


The front panel user interface features extremely fast access to edit the 2 input and 4 output settings. The encoder wheel gives instant access to the user menus and the LCD screen offers real time visualization of the system parameters.
Command access includes mute, gain, preset selection, plus delay and polarity settings. Navigation through the menu pages is fast and intuitive. Beside the standard on-board preset library, the engineer can design and store his own settings (initialized from a standard preset template) in one of the 10 available user locations.