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L-ISA Processor

L-ISA Processor

L-ISA multichannel audio processor

  • Object-based 3D audio processor
  • Control pan, width, distance,
    elevation for up to 96 objects
  • Patent-pending room engine
  • Up to 64 speaker outputs
  • Automatic mixdowns for fill systems
  • Controlled by the L-ISA Controller software

L-ISA multichannel audio processor

L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology is a panoramic, multidimensional sound experience delivering stunning, clear, natural audio that is correctly localized to sound sources. Concertgoers have described it like feeling they are “inside the music”.

The L-ISA experience is achieved through speaker deployment and by object-based sound mixing, placing sound objects in a 3D space. Instead of hanging speakers to the left and right of the stage, speaker hangs are placed across the stage, on the sides, and even throughout the venue in order to immerse and envelop the audience in sound.

The L-ISA Processor is the heart of L-ISA technology, exclusively dedicated to spatial audio processing and providing state-of-the-art object-based mixing and room simulation via a powerful multi-core architecture. The L-ISA Processor is remotely and uniquely controlled by the L-ISA Controller software.

To learn more about L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, visit www.l-isa-immersive.com


In object-based mixing, individual sound objects such as instruments or vocals are mixed to physical locations rather than to busses or channels. Each object location is described by the parameters Pan, Width, Distance and Elevation. These locations are rendered to the loudspeaker layout, which can vary from venue to venue.

In other words, in an object-based mix, the loudspeaker layout is not hardcoded into the mix, ensuring ease of portability and scalability, unlike channel-based formats such as stereo.

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