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Modular WST line source

  • Compact and lightweight design, compliant with rigging and sightline constraints
  • Extended LF resources for contour requirements from flat to medium
  • Clarity, intelligibility and precision for vocal, speech and lead instruments
  • 110° horizontal directivity for distributed applications, fills and central clusters
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection
  • Discreet and accurate rigging system
  • White and architectural RAL color available

Variable Curvature Line Source


With the proprietary DOSC waveguide, the L-Acoustics V-DOSC system was the first line array to operate coherently across the whole audible frequency range. Since 1993, this major technological innovation is at the heart of every L-Acoustics line source element, with specifically tailored DOSC waveguides for constant curvature arrays (ARCS systems) or variable curvature arrays (K systems).


Introduced in 2008 with the KI system, the L-Fin waveguide marked the transition from the "V" transducer layout of legacy V-DOSC and dV-DOSC systems to the "K" transducer layout. L-Fins significantly improve the precision and smoothness of the directivity pattern in the horizontal plane. In addition to K1, L-Fins are featured in Kara and ARCS WiFo.



The Karai modular line source delivers ultimate flexibility to any sound design, with its optional low frequency extension. This active, twoway compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity

Deployed alone, Karai is ideal for enhanced speech and vocal programs. With the SB18i subwoofer, Karai delivers a full range performance, capable of reproducing high impact low frequency for the most energetic music concerts.

An install version with streamlined rigging and a custom color palette allows Karai to adapt to any install which calls for architectural discretion.

“Since the system went in this past August, we’ve done a bunch of shows and we’re thrilled beyond belief. The evenness of coverage is spectacular; much better than I would have thought possible. And the system’s detail, articulation and clarity are frighteningly good. It’s very honest, revealing every little nuance of both a performance and mix”

Brian Anderson,
Capitol Theater Technician

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