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The ARCS II constant curvature line source is optimized for medium throw applications. Boasting K1-grade drivers in a 2-way active enclosure, ARCS II delivers very high SPL levels, native low-frequency performance and constant tonal balance over distance. ARCS II is simple to use, with its constant curvature design and is particularly recommended for indoor L/C/R applications, medium-sized outdoor festivals or as a fill complement to large K systems.

In the enclosure coupling plane, the razorsharp SPL off-axis rejection is used to avoid reflecting surfaces. In the perpendicular plane, the smooth SPL roll off and asymmetric directivity of ARCS II can be used to maximize stereo imaging and perfectly adjust to the audience geometry.

“One of the first shows at the National Theatre to use the centre array of ARCS II was London Road, and I was anxious to maintain its natural feel. The ARCS II were able to project clean, subtle vocals evenly around the auditorium without hotspots, deadspots or the need for much EQ on the performers’ mics. I am delighted that the Olivier Theatre has these speakers for keeps!”

Paul Arditti,
Sound Designer


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