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ARCS Focus



ARCS Wide and Focus brings the legendary sonic qualities of L-Acoustics Wavefront Sculpture Technology line sources into a compact, constant curvature enclosure, optimal for medium throw applications. ARCS WiFo is the workhorse of sound providers, going from single enclosure fill all the way up to 360° in-the-round coverage.

Because its coverage matches its shape, ARCS WiFo is easy to use, perfectly conforming to any audience configuration using few elements. ARCS WiFo combines high SPL, native low frequency performance and constant tonal balance over distance. As a standalone or distributed system, installers as well as service providers will appreciate ARCS WiFo’s performance-to-size ratio.

“Sound: Impeccable. The intention was to make Oslo the bestequipped small venue in London, and it’s been outfitted with an L-Acoustics sound system that is simply terrific. Spoon’s show there recently boasted possibly the best sound I’ve ever heard at a gig: every detail was not just audible, but crystal-clear”

Michael Hann,
Music Editor, The Guardian


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