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Ultra-compact coaxial enclosure

  • Passive 2-way enclosure
  • Short throw applications (distributed and fills)
  • 110° conical directivity with smooth off-axis radiation
  • Microphone stand or U-Bracket mount
  • LF extension with SB15m
  • LA4X/LA8 control and protection
  • Grey brown, pure white + architectural RAL program

Point Source


In 1989, L-Acoustics introduced the first coaxial loudspeaker enclosure for professional sound reinforcement, bringing studio quality to near-field applications for the first time. Since then, coaxial technology has been implemented in all L-Acoustics point sources and constitutes the heart of the P Series and X Series.



5XT offers the pristine, powerful L-Acoustics sonic signature in an ultra-compact 5-inch enclosure. Packing a punch with high MF/HF SPL, the 5XT complements any larger sound system in front-fills or distributed applications. Its wide conical directivity pattern gives smooth off-axis response - assuring the best sound where most of the audience is located.

Available in a wide variety of custom colors, the 5XT can be easily integrated into any building style for ultimate discretion, satisfying the most demanding architectural needs. Rigging options include wall mount, ceiling-mount and pole-mount in various orientations for integration into any possible situation.

Top 5XT clients include: Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, CA
Eastlake Church - Chula Vista, CA
Democratic Presidential Debate - Charleston, SC
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 - New York City, NY

“We chose the 5XT speakers not only for their small size, but also for their big solutions. The 110 degree conical directivity coverage brings a lot to the design. The dispersion of the 5XT also means that less speakers are needed compared to other traditional small speakers.”

Shane Smith,
LMG Director of Audio for the United States Democratic Presidential Debates

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