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L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider System Integrators

L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider System Integrators are certified companies committed to offering to their clients a palette of L-ACOUSTICS integration services to ensure the success of their fixed installation projects:

  • Sound design support
  • Special training programs
  • System measurement and tuning services
  • Support to system commissioning

System Integrator Charter

The concept of L-ACOUSTICS System Integrator Network is based on three working principles defined in the L-ACOUSTICS System Integrator Charter

  • The use of an integration methodology and the deployment of specialized services from specification to post integration stages of installation projects to ensure end user satisfaction
  • The adoption of a full system approach in design standard to ensure predictability and optimization of system performance
  • The guarantee of qualified product specialists to ensure a standard of excellence through education

System Integrators benefit from a dedicated L-ACOUSTICS factory support. The client can therefore benefit from the highest quality of service, whether his project is design built by the integrator or specified by a consultant and awarded through a bidding process.

Installation Project Methodology for the best results

L-ACOUSTICS offers truly innovative sound systems with the highest brand acceptance. But besides equipment, the quality of project management and its implementation is critical. Therefore a specific integration methodology has been developed for each stage of an installation project:

  • Design build analysis of end-user needs (program material, room geometry, acoustics, budget, etc...)
  • Well-documented and reasoned electro-acoustics and mechanical specification
  • Proper electrical and mechanical implementation following manufacturer's guidelines
  • In-depth system tuning by highly qualified personnel following precise protocol
  • System commissioning and end-user training
  • Service, maintenance and post integration services.

The L-ACOUSTICS system integrators are committed to this methodology offering value added, to ensure the performance of the system and the best return on investment. Consultants specifying projects can also rely on the expertise of system integrators for the system implementation.

Qualified technicians & training program

A training program is to be scheduled from April 2010 to provide system and sound design training for System Integrator product specialists. The training seminar covers in-depth system design, sound design case studies, system implementation installation and testing/tuning.

L-ACOUSTICS System Integrator Map

L-ACOUSTICS has announced the progressive deployment of a certified System Integrators Network for the fixed installation market. Current covered countries include Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Panama, Quatar, Switzerland, UAE, UK, the USA. To contact trained integrators in other countries, contact the L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor.

Contact us

Should you have any questions on the System Integrator Network and wish to be contacted by one of our representatives, please contact us.

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