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Hollywood Hi-fi: The Continuing Evolution of Sound

November 2013

Originally published in FOH: http://www.fohonline.com/current-issue/22-installations/9033-hollywood-hi-fi.html

There are few outdoor venues in the world as instantly recognizable and respected as the Hollywood Bowl, the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic since 1922. With its iconic concentric ringed shell and dramatic Hollywood Hills backdrop, the country’s largest natural amphitheatre has been immortalized in dozens of films and television shows over the decades.

This season, The Bowl once again plays host to a staggering diversity of artists. The official opening night gala was on June 22 and paired the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with new Hollywood Bowl Hall-of-Famers Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Patti Austin and John Legend. Yet even before the official kickoff, 2013 Bowl concertgoers witnessed lease events with Fleetwood Mac, Hillsong United, Andrea Bocelli, Björk, Pitbull with Ke$ha and the 35th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival.

Nestled into the southern base of the Hollywood Hills, the Bowl sits on prime real estate. But location aside, much of the venue’s success over the years can certainly be attributed to the high production values that have long been its hallmark.

Chris Shuler
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