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SES Integration Provides A Series to Elevation Church’s New Kmart-Turned-Church

Elevation Church Concord From its roots in 2006 as a small mobile church at a Charlotte-area high school, Elevation Church is now home to 17 total locations. Nine locations are in the Charlotte area alone, with some of their churches as far as Florida and Canada.

The newest location from this growing worship community is in Concord, North Carolina - converted from an abandoned Kmart into a stunning congregation consisting of the main worship area with seating for 600 and a standing-room-only capacity of about 1,000. SES Integration worked on the design and install with SESI director Trey Blair helming the project. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, the renovation was a remarkable success, even considering its unique architectural challenges. After gutting the defunct Kmart, the team realized the ceiling was a lot lower than they anticipated. SESI proposed a low stage and a new L-Acoustics A15 Series sound system to stay within the limited headroom.

Elevation Church Concord Elevation Church Concord "This worked out well, timing-wise because this was a new product from L-Acoustics with a much shorter speaker hang, and that was really important. Typically, we have 30 feet of trim, but in this space, we only had 16 feet," said Trey Blair on the sound design.

For the new church renovation, A15 Focus was the perfect choice. Its 10° vertical coverage, with 144 max dB, allowed SESI to cover the entire audience geometry with just three discreet enclosures per side, providing that stunning vocal intelligibility and unparalleled L-Acoustics sound.

To learn more about the new Kmart-converted-church sound and visual design project, check out PLSN's article on the Elevation Church in Concord, NC.

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