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Audio Design, India invests in L-Acoustics K2


Audio Design, India invests in L-Acoustics K2

Audio Design has become one of the largest and most respected sound rental companies in India, providing audio solutions locally across India and internationally. The company provides a full range of high end staging solutions including sound, lighting and video equipment as well as stage structures for some of the biggest concerts and festivals in India and employs more than 100 professionals. Underlining its dedication to excellence is Audio Design’s recent investment in a substantial L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker system.

Audio Design has been the preferred technical supplier to some of the most well known Indian and international artists, including Bryan Adams, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Guns & Roses, to name but a few.

“Audio Design has grown into one of India’s top touring live sound reinforcement companies,” states Audio Design Director, Mr. Naveneet Wadhwa. "In response to the growth in the number of live events happening in India, we made a strategic decision to boost our inventory and to join the L-Acoustics family.”

Comprising 30 K2 and 28 SB28 subs, plus other related accessories and equipment, the sound reinforcement provider’s recent purchase marks the first K2 systems sold in India through L-Acoustics’ exclusive India distributor, Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt. Ltd. of New Delhi.

“The superior quality of the L-Acoustics product range speaks for itself,” says Mr. Rajan Gupta, Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems Pvt. Ltd. “It is supported by their world-wide acclaim and popularity amongst the most sought-after touring engineers and system designers. It is also the most preferred and recommended speaker system on riders. K2 is L-Acoustics flagship product and we knew that getting K2 in India was absolutely the right choice for Audio Design, who have ceaselessly extended their interest in new technologies and products. “

As India’s certified distributor, the technical teams at Hi-Tech Audio Systems and Audio Design underwent a vigorous two-day theoretical and technical training conducted by L-Acoustics’ Mr. Ben Philips, covering all aspects of rigging and set up of the system.
“I am delighted to welcome Mr. Navneet Wadhwa and his team to the K2 rental network,” says Mr Peter Owen, Regional Sales Manager for L-Acoustics. “India is a very exciting market for us, not only with home grown artists, but with many international artists visiting as well. With large live events and music festivals coming up, I know that the K2 system will be working hard.”

Mr. Navneet Wadhwa adds, “Our purchase of the K2 system not only solidifies our belief in the brand and their product, but helps to strengthen our inventory and allows us to offer a product to a varying range of clients and markets – from corporate, to touring, to theatrical. With its compact profile, surprising light weight and exceptional horsepower, K2 is the most rider friendly system on the market and the first choice of every engineer to work with.“

The system was immediately put to use in the elaborate live concert of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh in Gurgaon, India. The powerful system served a crowd of more than 15,000 people.

“We can sense that this is very quickly going to become the most sought after box in the market,” concludes Mr. Navneet Wadhwa further. “Our crew is trained and now holds certification from L-Acoustics for K2, which puts us in a different league altogether. We feel that we have definitely made a wise investment here.

“The demand for the product is strong and the support we have received from Hi-Tech Audio Systems and L-Acoustics has been fantastic. It’s truly a winning combination.”

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