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L-ACOUSTICS fires up Follow Club


L-ACOUSTICS fires up Follow Club

Follow team, well known in Turkey for organizing events at different venues, now welcome all electronic and house music lovers to their new club, Follow Club, in Istanbul.  In looking for the highest quality music systems, the owners specified L-ACOUSTICS sound systems for the club.

Distributor Elit Light/Sound Technologies used three L-ACOUSTICS 12XTi, two 8XTi and two SB18i, driven by two LA4. This system enables the venue to satisfy its audience at any kind of event they organize.  Already performing at full capacity in the weekends, Follow has quickly become one of Istanbul’s nightlife success stories, with dancing regularly taking place until the early hours of the morning.

Follow hosts  DJ’s from all over the world as well as before and after parties for electro, house and techno music lovers. In a relatively short period of time the club has attracted its own loyal followers and is now preparing to host a variety of DJ performances in the immediate future.

According to Follow Club Owner, Yiğit Geridönmez, the sound system plays a great role in the success of the club, “We now have our own loyal regulars to the Follow Club and we believe L-ACOUSTICS has played a great role in that.  Elit Light/Sound Technologies created the perfect sound at Follow where we can hear the world famous quality of L-ACOUSTICS products.  The performance of the system amazed all of us. We receive frequent positive comments from DJ’s as well as from customers, making us really proud of the choice we made. We were introduced to L-ACOUSTICS by  Elit Light/Sound Technologies whose attention and support also played a great role in our decision to choose L-ACOUSTICS.”

Follow Club https://www.facebook.com/followistanbul

Elit Light/Sound Technologies http://www.elit-tr.com/

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