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Justintime Art Club & Restaurant in Naples chooses L-ACOUSTICS


Justintime Art Club & Restaurant in Naples chooses L-ACOUSTICS

Justintime Art Club & Restaurant, situated on the outskirts of Naples, aims to become the landmark location for live music in Naples.  With capacity for 200 people seated at tables and 400 people in the standing area, it promises an intimate venue with the very best sound.

The decision to select L-ACOUSTICS speakers was one based on quality and was provided by Sisme S.p.A..  The ARCS on each side of the stage allow a propagation of 22.5 degrees, avoiding the bounce of music on the side walls. In support of the two ARCS, a central 112P radiates the sound to the uncovered area.

To improve the listening experience at the tables right in front of the stage Justintime have used two 8XTi. The two SB18 have been positioned on the right and the left, in correspondence with the ARCS.

The bar area had two 8XTi installed to guarantee customers an optimal listening experience even when not in the music area.

“We wanted to offer patrons of Justintime the same experience as they can expect in the best live music venues.  The sound we are able to produce in the Art Club & Restaurant with the L-ACOUSTICS systems covers every location from the bar to the tables, to the standing room, giving a truely immersive music experience.  We are very happy with the results, and our audiences are too,”  said Roberto Iriti and Giovanni Maglione, owners of Justintime Arts Club & Restaurant.


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