L-ACOUSTICS at Soweto Theatre


L-ACOUSTICS at Soweto Theatre

Excerpt of an article by by Sarah Rushton-Read, of Pro-Systems News, South Africa.

“Loud and proud, there’s nothing modest about Soweto Theatre. A vibrant marker of positive change, the new theatre stands high on the Jabulani plain, adjacent to the famous Jabulani stadium..

“This is actually the third prestigious venue in South Africa this year to choose an L-ACOUSTICS KIVA/KILO system,” says Richard Smith of Sound Harmonics, “The main house PA comprises twelve KIVA Line Source Array speakers, four L-ACOUSTICS KILO Low Extension Speakers and augmented with four of SB18i Sub Bass Speakers...In addition there are a number of floating boxes for the main house and installed in the studios. These include L-ACOUSTICS 12XTi 12” Co-axial Speakers and L-ACOUSTICS 8XTi 8” Co-axial Speakers.”

“The L-ACOUSTICS KIVA system is ideal for the variety of applications this venue will host. Anything from an intimate play to a big musical production,” Smith explains. “KIVA is an effective solution for focusing energy on the audience, with headroom to spare.  Because there are three venues (all different sizes) scalability was crucial. We knew that whatever we put in would be moved from venue to venue.””

Excerpt republished with the kind permission of Pro-Systems News, South Africa.
Full text available here:  http://issuu.com/Pro-Systems/docs/pro_systems_3q12_web/31

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