Helene Fischer Für einen Tag - Live 2012


Helene Fischer Für einen Tag - Live 2012

The Helene Fischer tour, ‘Für einen Tag – Live 2012’ began on 18 September and will finish at the end of November, after visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Denmark.  Helene Fischer has a large following having sold over 2 million records to date.  For this tour the sound is provided by Soundhouse in Hassfurt, providing the full K1 system.

So far, Front of House Engineer Alex Spengler considers the L-ACOUSTICS K1 system a great success, “It's easy to bring the bass up in the air and to the last rows without blowing away the audience in the front. The K1 itself delivers a very even bass to the whole audience and allows us to use the SB28 subs as pure effect subs.”

The article and video are available (in German), here from Event Elevator: http://www.eventelevator.de/reportagen/22-reportagen/1881-helene-fischer-mit-kran-katapult-und-choreographie

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