L-ACOUSTICS slays PA monster


L-ACOUSTICS slays PA monster

Olivier Theatre, National Theatre, London

Dave Robinson, PSN Europe

Everyone who has ever seen a production at the Olivier – the largest of the NT’s three venues – will have encountered the Frankenstein’s monster that is the in-house PA system.  Ed Ferguson, head of sound for the Olivier, was responsible for wrangling the beast.

A roll-over on the NT’s capital expenditure two years ago meant the sound team had the budget and the opportunity to revisit the Olivier’s design and replace it with something that was not created from a hybrid of parts.

“..it was such a headache, because in the Olivier we would satisfy the hugely different styles of plays.  I had to look at what the old system had given us, how we’d used that – and more importantly, what it didn’t give us,” said Ed Ferguson.

Ultimately, then, the Olivier was after a system that was capable of doing more or less anything.  Not a small demand for any sound reinforcement system.
The three finalists got whittled down to two…and L-ACOUSTICS emerged the winner.

“It was a hard decision to make – but the ARCS tipped it.”

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