Delta Sound implemented audio system in Madison Piano Bar, La Cigale Hotel in Qatar


Delta Sound implemented audio system in Madison Piano Bar, La Cigale Hotel in Qatar

Over the summer, Delta Sound was commissioned to install new audio at Doha’s La Cigale Hotel’s Madison Piano Bar.

Ammar Al Baik, Director of IT for the La Cigale Group explains, “We started having issues with drivers being constantly over-driven and guests who were unhappy with the distorted audio.” The decision was made to renovate and expand the current bar.  The technical team at La Cigale Hotel thought it a suitable time to revamp and renew the audio-visuals of the venue.

Many challenges had to be overcome from the design phase and through to the installation itself. The set-up had to follow architectural plans and furniture design. Delta Sound understood these requirements and was flexible with the hotel team technicians.

After reviewing many well-known brands in audio manufacturing and also visiting several venues in the area, the decision was taken to use L-ACOUSTICS enclosures and amplification. Delta Sound was initially recommended by L-ACOUSTICS headquarters, as Delta Sound are a trained and certified provider system integrator for the area and Andy Jackson (managing director of Delta Sound) has over 15 years of experience with L-ACOUSTICS system integration.

The system integration design was therefore put together by Andy Jackson and was implemented by Robert Turner assisted by Paul Tonkin and Aries Fernandes. The system consisted of 12 x ARCS II, 8 x SB28’s, 8 x 115XT HiQ along with 7 x 8XT units. LA8 and LA4 amplified controllers control, filter and power the system.

The venue also has performers who play nightly.  Audio monitoring for the DJ and musicians comprises 4 x 112P enclosures.

Excerpt provided by Delta Sound LLC.

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