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JSS becomes first K1 Rental Network Agent in SE Asia


JSS becomes first K1 Rental Network Agent in SE Asia

Bangkok-based JSS Production Company has become the first L-ACOUSTICS K1/KUDO Rental Network Agent in South East Asia. JSS is one of Thailand’s largest live event production companies, founded more than 25 years ago by industry expert Jack Jesada Pattanatabut.

The system purchased by JSS consists of 48 K1 WST® line source loudspeakers, 24 K1-SB and 24 SB28 subwoofers, 36 KUDO and 12 KARA cabinets and 18 LA-RAKs. Members of JSS’ audio team underwent a training session for the systems in August 2012 with certified trainer, Alvin Koh.

“We are very pleased to have this new system,” says JSS director Bob Samithisawad. “Our team is very excited and can't wait to get it out on the road once the training is over. We are confident that this new system will be very much appreciated by our clients, not only in Thailand, but also around South East Asia, since we are the first rental company in this part of the world to own a K1 system. We are certain that our new L-ACOUSTICS K1 system will bring us plenty of new work opportunities in the near future.”

Adds L-ACOUSTICS’ director of business development Jochen Frohn, “We have always seen JSS as a prime player in South East Asia. Now they are the first production company in the region to step up to a full K1/KUDO System. This is great news for the L-ACOUSTICS network and even better news for that part of the world! We wish Jack and his team great success for the future!”

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