Onstage Systems Gets Onboard with K1


Onstage Systems Gets Onboard with K1

Longtime V-DOSC Rental Network company joins top-tier K Standard provider list

DALLAS, Texas -- For nearly a quarter of a century, Dallas-based Onstage Systems has been steadily updating its equipment inventories to continually raise the production bar for clients like George Strait and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This summer, that initiative has truly culminated with the company’s purchase of a full K1 stadium loudspeaker system from L-ACOUSTICS.

According to Onstage Systems President Hyacinth Belcher, the company has now added 48 K1 line source elements and 24 K1-SB subs to its roster, along with 48 KUDO and 12 KARA elements, 28 SB28 and four SB18 subs, and 20 LA-RAK touring amplifier racks, each loaded with three LA8 amplified controllers.

A V-DOSC Rental Network company since 1999, Onstage Systems has had K1 ownership in its sights since the very start of the product’s Pilot Program three years ago. In particular, the company made a leap toward L-ACOUSTICS’ K Standard last year through sizeable purchases of KUDO and LA-RAK for George Strait’s tour.

“Choosing to move to the K Standard for K1/KUDO was something we’ve wanted to do for a few years now,” says Belcher, who, along with her brother, Chris, has headed up the company since 2006. “In our opinion, K1 is the best touring speaker system available and our clients deserve the best. It outperforms any festival system in the US and we plan to utilize it for many large-scale tours and events. K1’s new rigging and transport designs are also an added bonus permitting extremely quick setup once onsite.

“We are excited to be a part of a group of companies that dedicates itself to the best in audio. We take sound very seriously and can think of no better manufacturer than L-ACOUSTICS to keep us at the top of the field.”

Belcher notes that Onstage’s K1 system will soon be deployed both on tours by national-level artists and at several large electronic music festivals promoted by Disco Donnie Presents. Cross rental to other K1 Rental Network companies will also keep the new systems busy.

Onstage’s KARA enclosures, in particular, will also be utilized by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for its concert series at Exall Park in the spring of 2013.

For more information on Onstage Systems, visit www.onstagesystems.com.

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