L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider Distributor VARI Internacional, based in Mexico, has supplied a KUDO system to the Pepsi Center, a new multipurpose arts venue owned by WTC Mexico City and operated by PRG Mexico and OCESA. The two production companies have worked together for several years to provide L-ACOUSTICS systems for their events.

PRG and VARI Internacional collaborated as technical advisors to the Pepsi Center, which will host national and international productions including concerts with Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez Bob Dylan, Megadeth, Yes, Meat Loaf and others. The 14,000 square metre, 7,500-capacity venue was constructed with flexibility in mind, with the option of functioning in auditorium or arena mode. As well as hosting musical concerts and performing arts, the venue is also suitable for conventions and sporting events.

This flexibility extends to the sound system, which can be used in three configurations. It consists of 12 KUDOs and six SB28 subwoofers per side, with three ARCS II cabinets and two SB28s per side as side fill; four ARCS IIs as front fill and a delay system of three KARAs per side. Fourteen 115 XT HiQ coaxials are being used as stage monitors with two SB18 subwoofers for drum fill. The system is controlled by 26 LA8 amplified controllers.

“We welcome the presence of L-ACOUSTICS KUDO in this new venue,’ says Juan Francisco Alvarez Martinez from VARI Internacional. “As the audio design needed to be reconfigurable, it required a high performance system with the possibility to change the horizontal coverage, and KUDO was definitely the best solution. This also reaffirms the close business relationship that OCESA, PRG Mexico and VARI Internacional have shared over the past six years.”

Paul Freudenberg, Business Development Manager-Americas, comments: “We are very proud of the recent accomplishments of VARI, and the significance of the OCESA collaboration in this important new venue.”

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