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C3 Productions brings L-ACOUSTICS KARA to Brighton


C3 Productions brings L-ACOUSTICS KARA to Brighton

UK-based L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider SFL Group has supplied a KARA WST® line source system to C3 Productions of Brighton. SFL Group also demo’d the system for C3 prior to purchase in several London venues and provided training at its Reading premises.

The south coast-based production and hire company has added 12 KARA cabinets with eight SB18 subwoofers, three LA8 amplified controllers and flying hardware to its inventory.

This is C3’s first L-ACOUSTICS purchase, and the company chose KARA because it needed a medium format high quality line array to use across live music, performance arts and corporate live events. “Our mission statement is to provide our customers with the latest and highest performance technology and this system enables us to deliver that,” says C3 director Jon Crawley. “We investigated all the systems currently available on the market and felt that KARA offered the best combination of cost, performance and gave us a unique product in the local area. It is small enough to be discrete for theatre shows but powerful enough to deliver a full-on rock show. We have always been fans of the K1 system, and KARA has a similar clean, powerful and dynamic sound, which suits our core live music business. The achievable levels from the system are hard to believe given the size.”

C3’s KARA system made its debut at one of Brighton’s main annual events, the Great Escape festival which showcases new talent from around the UK. It was used on the NME stage in the 2,000 capacity Corn Exchange, which featured emerging and existing artists such as Dry the River, Mystery Jets and Bookashade. “There were some very difference music styles but the system sounded incredible throughout and we only got positive responses from all touring parties,” continues Crawley. The system has since been used at the Jubilee celebrations, for a theatre production on Hastings seafront and will be on the main stage at BLOC weekend in London in July with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Orbital.

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