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SSE supplies KARA to Pro Productions


SSE supplies KARA to Pro Productions

L-ACOUSTICS UK Certified Provider SSE Audio Group has supplied a KARA WST® line source system to staging and production hire company PRO PRODUCTIONS.

PRO PRODUCTIONS has an inventory of outdoor stages and riser decks, with some PA and lighting equipment. This year, company founder Will Bushell decided the time was right to invest in some prime audio brands, enabling the company to provide a complete high spec package. Based close by, SSE has a long relationship of dry hiring to PRO PRODUCTIONS., so it was logical for Bushell to visit an SSE Roadshow for a demo.

“We wanted to invest in rider friendly, road proven brands,” says Bushell. “L-ACOUSTICS KARA puts PRO PRODUCTIONS on the map as a pro audio provider as well as a staging company.

“Investing now we should get maximum life expectancy - if dV-DOSC is anything to go by, then we can be confident that we will get many years out of the KARA system. We want to offer a complete solution to our customers, ticking all of their boxes and giving great results.  We believe that providing the best equipment, that people really want to use, is the best way to grow our business and attract new clients.”

The system, comprising 12 KARA cabinets with six SB18 and four SB28 subs powered by six LA8 amplified controllers, was handed over to PRO PRODUCTIONS for its first outing at the Rugby Rocks 2012 show at Richmond Athletic Grounds in May.

SSE has also added eight of the new ARCS 2 cabinets, 16 115XT HiQ coaxials, 32 SB28 subs, 30 KARA speakers and 40 LA8 amplified controllers to its own stock.

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