L-ACOUSTICS holds Certified Provider System Integrator Training in UAE


L-ACOUSTICS holds Certified Provider System Integrator Training in UAE

L-ACOUSTICS recently hosted a two-day Certified Provider System Integrator Training program in Dubai, UAE. The seminar, attended by seven providers from four countries, was hosted by L-ACOUSTICS sales manager Peter Owen and Application engineer Germain Simon and covered the LA Network Manager, Soundvision, Wavefront Sculpture Technology and other installation related issues and features that L-ACOUSTICS offers. As the course concentrated on installation, the control and monitoring modules (Crestron, AMX) which allow control of L-ACOUSTICS amplified controllers were also covered.

"I was delighted that all the recently appointed Certified Providers were able to attend,” says Owen. “We plan to host another course later in 2012 as we identify more system integrators who share our approach to installation in the Gulf area. We aim to create a standard where we have confidence in putting forward companies who understand our practices and technology, as we have requests from consultant companies from around the world asking for integrators who have knowledge and experience of our products in the Gulf region.”

L-ACOUSTICS System Integrators are certified companies committed to offering to their clients a palette of L-ACOUSTICS integration services to ensure the success of their fixed installation projects: sound design support, special training programs, system measurement and tuning services, support to system commissioning.

The concept of L-ACOUSTICS System Integrator Network is based on three working principles:

•    The use of an integration methodology and the deployment of specialized services from specification to post integration stages of installation projects to ensure end user satisfaction
•    The adoption of a full system approach in design standard to ensure predictability and optimization of system performance
•    The guarantee of qualified product specialists to ensure a standard of excellence through education
System Integrators benefit from dedicated L-ACOUSTICS factory support. The client can therefore benefit from the highest quality of service, whether his project is design built by the integrator or specified by a consultant and awarded through a bidding process.

More information: https://www.l-acoustics.com/installs-system-integrators-83.html

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