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R&D Fields2020-10-23T17:31:51+00:00

R&D Fields

Fundamental Acoustics

  • WST® criteria for design and use of line source (AES Journal in 1992, 2001,2003)
  • DED (Distributed Edge Dipole) model for cabinet diffraction effects
  • Progressive vent for increased SPL, laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise
  • K-LOUVER® technology for variable directivity of line source
  • PANFLEX™ horizontal steering technology

Design and engineering

  • New material analysis and sourcing
  • Vibrations analysis to optimize enclosure design
  • 3D computer-assisted design and modeling
  • Mechanical testing and rigging certification


  • Green power supplies with PFC
  • Class D amplified controllers
  • Proprietary DSP boards
  • Multi-channel devices

Signal processing

  • Design and proprietary algorithms
  • Array morphing contour EQ tool
  • L-DRIVE dual protection (thermal, over-excursion)
  • FIR filters
  • Air absorption compensation EQ

Application software

  • 3D acoustic and mechanical modeling
  • Remote control and monitoring
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