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Christian Heil

Founder and President

Hervé Guillaume

CEO L-Acoustics Group

Anne Hamlett

Executive Director of Human Resources & Legal Affairs

Laurent Vaissié

CEO L-Acoustics

Florent Bernard

Executive Director of Application Design

Christophe Combet

Executive Director of Research & Development

Vincent Delaunay

Executive Director of Finance & Administration

Jérôme Dolou

Director of Purchasing, Global

Stéphane Ecalle

Director of Product Marketing, Global

Jochen Frohn

Director of Business Development, Global

Davy Gaudin

Director of IT, Global

Philippe Guichard

Director of Quality, Global

Thibaut Jouanin

Executive Director of Industrial Management

Genio Kronauer

Director of Electronics Development, Global

Hervé Le Gall

Director of Industrial Operations

Cédric Montrézor

Executive Director of Application Project

Kevin Rémy

Director of Supply Chain, Global

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