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K Series Provides Superior Sound Delivery at Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix, an iconic event since 2008, is not only known for its thrilling night races but also for the high-caliber entertainment it provides. Central to this entertainment is the exceptional audio quality delivered year after year at the Grand Prix’s main Padang Stage, a result of the collaboration between the event’s management and L-Acoustics Certified Provider Rental, CSP Productions Pte Ltd.

The Challenge

The Singapore Grand Prix presents a unique set of challenges for audio engineers. The key issue lies in delivering clear, powerful sound across a vast 300×120-meter open field, accommodating a diverse range of music genres and large crowds. Additionally, the team faces logistical challenges in setting up a large-scale PA system in a tropical, humid environment, ensuring the sound does not spill over to other stages or VIP areas. 

The Solution

CSP Productions, leveraging L-Acoustics’ K1 system, has effectively addressed these challenges. The team worked closely with L-Acoustics APAC application engineers, using the Soundvision modeling software to optimize the audio design. The current configuration consists of a left/right array of 12 L-Acoustics K1 boxes per side, topped by six K2. Side-fill arrays are flown with the same configuration to ensure coverage to standing crowds on both sides of the stage. Forty L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers deliver low-end rumble from the stage front. On the extreme wings, delay arrays consist of 10 L-Acoustics V-DOSC and 12 SB218 per side. The entire system is driven by 10 LA8 and 16 LA12X amplified controllers.

The Result

The L-Acoustics K Series has proven to be highly effective, delivering clear and powerful sound to concert-goers annually. The system’s reliability and performance have earned the trust of artists’ management teams, assuring them of a dependable, tour-level audio setup. This enduring partnership between CSP Productions and L-Acoustics has not only elevated the Singapore Grand Prix’s audio experience but has also set a standard for live event sound quality worldwide.

Project photos

The new L-Acoustics system has been a game-changer for us. Its power and clarity ensure that every note of the performance reaches the audience just as the artist intended, regardless of where they are in the crowd.

Colin Oliveiro

Technical Director, CSP Productions

Tech Brief

  • 24 K1
  • 12 K2Fill
  • 40 SB28
  • 12 SB218
  • 10 LA8
  • 16 LA12X

Main System