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P!nk Beautiful Trauma World Tour Gets the Ultimate Concert-Grade Sound  

Pink, likely one of the best vocalists in the industry, began her Beautiful Trauma World Tour in March 2018 and concluded in November 2019. The tour was spread over 157 dates across 18 countries in North and South America, Europe, Australasia, and the UK. Described by her fans as the real deal, Pink aims to connect with her fans even in large arenas and stadiums. With a stage design of Pink moving around a heart-shaped stage and flying through the air during her performances, that connection is made evident. Her weekend of sold-out shows at London’s Wembley Stadium, where 150,000 fans gathered to see the pop-rock starlet dazzle with her vocals and gymnastic skills, were part of a global audience that helped the tour gross $400m US dollars from 3 million ticket sales; making Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour one of the most successful tours by a female artist in a decade. 

The Challenge

According to Dave Bracey, FOH engineer for Pink, “She is one of the best vocalists on the planet, so it’s a true pleasure mixing her each night. If anyone can sing in front of a PA system, it’s her.”

However, because she moves around a lot, from the main stage onto the heart-shaped runway extending out into the audience or flying through the air around the arena, the team needed a sound system that would support her powerful vocals while maintaining even coverage throughout the cavernous venues. For each night, Pink and her sound team needed to make sure that the clarity was there for each performance.

The Solution

Clair Global from Lititz, PA, provided an L-Acoustics sound system consisting of the K Series, K1, K2, Kara, K1SB, KS28 subwoofers and powered by LA12X amplification with a fully digital 96 kHz signal path from the mixing console to the amplifier output. The K Series provided the impact and coverage needed to fill the arena from the front row to the last seat in the house. The flexibility of the system in design and deployment allowed the tour to meet the challenging demands of the various venue sizes and Pink’s powerful voice.  

System pictures

The Result

The team felt that K1 and K2 provided the right control and coverage for Pink’s Beautiful Trauma tour. The tour’s Systems Engineer, Johnny Keirle, who was entrusted with the PA sound design for the tour, stated, “For me, L-Acoustics is the most organic and ‘truest’ sounding PA system there is. Combined with its ease of use and flexibility, this makes it my obvious choice for touring on all scales. The K1 did exactly what I wanted it to. I wouldn’t make noise until late-morning on show days, and when you have an asymmetric stadium system with multiple delay towers and ring delays – anywhere up to 22 hangs of PA – anything you can use to streamline your alignment and optimization process is worth its weight in gold.”

Project photos

K1 and K2 are a recipe for success that you can’t find with any other speaker system. The control and coverage we can attain from L-Acoustics systems give me the confidence to fulfill Pink’s expectations and those of the audience. Times have changed, and we need constant progress in loudspeaker management just to maintain our honesty in audio. Thanks, L-Acoustics.

Dave Bracey

FOH Engineer, Pink Beautiful Trauma World Tour 

Tech Brief

3D Model of K Series sound system set up by L-Acoustics at the Pink Beautiful Trauma World Tour
  • Main L/R Arrays of 12 K1 with four K2 down each
  • Main L/R K1-SB arrays of eight K1-SB each
  • Side L/R Arrays of eight K1 with eight K2 down each
  • Rear L/R Arrays of 12 K2 each
  • Delays L/R Arrays of eight K2 each
  • Fills of eight distributed blocks of one Kara each
  • Grounds subs of nine distributed blocks of three KS28 each in cardioid configuration (center sub reversed)

Main System