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Transforming a New York Home Office into a Music Lover’s Dream Den

New York-based Techmenity, a technology general contractor and smart building consultant for commercial, multifamily, and bespoke residential projects, approached L-Acoustics on behalf of a client to build a high-end sound system for their apartment in Tribeca, New York City. The client, a music lover and vinyl collector, required a system compatible with their Brinkmann Bardo turntable and capable of concert-grade sound for streaming live concerts and movies.

The Challenge

Techmenity’s client, a music lover and avid vinyl collector, was planning to move into a newly built apartment building in New York City and wanted a high-end sound system that could connect to their turntable and still have the capacity to reproduce concert-grade sound for streaming live concerts. Their client also wanted the sound to be equally as impressive when watching movies at home, ultimately transforming their concert-sound-quality home office into a premium home theater experience, too. The challenge was to install a sophisticated sound system in a compact Tribeca apartment while adhering to space constraints and the interior designer’s guidelines. “Given the limited space for speakers in the Italian wall unit, restrictive guidelines from the interior designer, and the small size of the room, we had a challenging puzzle to solve. To find the right solution, we looked at a number of speaker systems before being introduced to the L-Acoustics Xi Series,” says Techmenity CEO Jamie Propp.

The Solution

“As soon as we were given a demo, we knew that this system would meet all of our clients’ and the designers’ expectations. This gentleman has a collection of bespoke, high-end systems in each of his homes, and the X4i boxes and SB10i subwoofer are now his favorite,” Jamie Propp continues. The X Series-based system was chosen for its small footprint, concert-grade performance, and flexibility in installation, fitting seamlessly into the client’s home office.

The loudspeakers can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, creating a high-end home theater, a premium personal studio, or an optimum group gaming setup. Users can connect playback devices seamlessly and enjoy their preferred audio and audiovisual content.

The Result

The installed system provided an immersive audio experience without compromising the aesthetics of the room. It became the client’s favorite sound system, perfectly meeting their needs for a high-quality audio setup in a tight space.

Project photos

It’s one of the only choices for tight rooms found in NYC apartments with the need for concert-quality multichannel surround. The subwoofer’s dimensions allow it to be placed discreetly.

Jamie Propp

CEO, Techmenity

Tech Brief

  • Five X4i Loudspeakers
  • One SB10i Subwoofer
  • Two LA2Xi Amplifiers

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