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Premier Group’s Home Theater Transformation

Premier Group in Carmel, Indiana, revolutionizes the home theater experience with a breathtaking installation featuring an L-Acoustics home professional sound system. This immersive audio experience, ingeniously crafted within a luxurious multi-purpose room, integrates L-Acoustics’ cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled sonic clarity and power, ultimately transforming how homeowners experience entertainment. In this latest installation, Premier Group worked with local builder Hoss Homes and luxury interior design studio Lanz Collective to create the multi-purpose room to work as a comfortable social and entertainment space and a fantastically immersive home theater.

The Challenge

Premier Group was entrusted with the task of creating a space that seamlessly blends social and entertainment functions. They required a sound system that could deliver concert-quality audio for movies and music, while also seamlessly integrating within a high-end home setting. The room’s design necessitated both subtlety and powerful performance, ensuring that the audio system would enhance the space without overpowering it.

The Solution

Premier Group opted for L-Acoustics’ advanced sound solutions to meet these requirements. The professional sound system comprises a mix of L-Acoustics X8 and X4i coaxial loudspeakers paired with Syva Low subwoofers to deliver rich, dynamic audio. Three X8 in-wall speakers function as the LCR channels, while four X4i in-wall and four X4i in-ceiling speakers provide surround and height channels, respectively. Additionally, four Syva Sub subwoofers handle the low-frequency effects. The setup is powered by two LA4X and two LA2Xi amplified controllers, ensuring robust, reliable performance.

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The Result

The result is a home theater that offers an immersive audio experience rivaling commercial cinemas. The system’s clean, powerful sound and wide dispersion pattern enhance every viewing, making it a central home feature. Homeowners and guests can enjoy a space that is both a comfortable social hub and a high-performance entertainment room.

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When we demonstrate L-Acoustics, customers realize that this is what a concert is supposed to sound like or what a movie should sound like in the theater. It’s just so ‘right’ with a massive dynamic range that’s powerful, clean, and provides so much energy. The reaction is visceral from clients who literally say, ‘oh my, I have to have it in my home,’ as they did in this very special installation.

Jason Barth

CEO, Premier Group

Tech Brief

  • Speakers: L-Acoustics X8 (in-wall), X4i (in-wall, in-ceiling)
  • Subwoofers: L-Acoustics Syva Low
  • Amplifiers: LA4X, LA2Xi
  • Audio Configuration: 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos

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