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A Nightclub-Ready Cotswold Farmhouse

In the picturesque Cotswold region of England, Homeplay and L-Acoustics transformed an 1870s farmhouse into a state-of-the-art media room, winning a 2023 Global CEDIA Award. This unique space includes a golf simulator that doubles as a cinema, a DJ station, and a poolside immersive sound area.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was with the media room. The homeowner, a passionate musician, demanded a sound system that could replicate a nightclub’s auditory experience without distortion, even at high volumes, across a room extending 20 meters in length. Due to the media room’s structure, the project faced a few acoustic challenges. The layout required innovative solutions to integrate various audio zones without latency issues and without compromising aesthetics.

The Solution

L-Acoustics’ Soundvision Mapping Technology was used to design the complex sound zones. The installation featured a 7.1.4 Dolby-compliant cinema system with Syva front speakers, a Sony Laser projector for the cinema and golf simulator, and a custom DJ booth with L-Acoustics A15 speakers and KS21i subwoofers. The system was designed to blend seamlessly with the farmhouse’s aesthetic while providing unparalleled audio quality. Collaboration with the homeowner’s interior designer ensured the integration did not detract from the farmhouse’s rustic aesthetic. Acoustic treatments, including a fabric ceiling, were implemented to manage sound quality in the reflective environment.

The Result

The project’s success was evident in the exceptional sound quality achieved, making it one of the best systems calibrated by L-Acoustics engineers. The versatile media room met all the homeowner’s requirements, providing an immersive entertainment experience. Further enhancements, such as outdoor audio systems, contributed to an ambient outdoor space, mirroring indoor quality and innovation.

Project photos

The L-Acoustics system delivers powerful, clear, and immersive sound that dramatically enhances the entertainment experience in this multifunctional space.

James Ratcliffe

Director, Homeplay

Tech Brief

  • KS21
  • LA2Xi 
  • LA4X
  • Syva 
  • Syva Low
  • Syva Sub
  • X4i
  • X8

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Syva Low

Somerset, UK

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