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A10i Wide

A10i Wide

Install-specific medium throw line source

  • 2-way 10″ passive enclosure
  • Extended coverage (30° enclosure)
  • Exceptional LF capability (10 dB contour)
  • High output (137 dB SPL max)
  • Flexible coverage (Panflex)
  • Lightweight (18 kg)
  • Weather resistant (IP55)
  • Integration friendly

Constant Curvature Line Source


With the proprietary DOSC waveguide, the L-Acoustics V-DOSC system was the first line array to operate coherently across the whole audible frequency range. Since 1993, this major technological innovation is at the heart of every L-Acoustics line source element, with specifically tailored DOSC waveguides for constant curvature arrays (ARCS systems) or variable curvature arrays (K systems).

Laminar Venting

All current L-Acoustics loudspeaker enclosures with low-range capacities feature laminar vents which provide high SPL while eliminating turbulence noise. This technology was implemented for the first time in 2007 in the SB28 subwoofer, and has been included in K1, K1-SB, K2, SB15m, SB18(i/m), and the X Series.


Panflex offers the possibility to widen or narrow the directivity pattern of line sources thanks to adjustable L-Fins. With Panflex, users can adapt the system coverage pattern to match the complex shape of any audience geometry.

A10i Wide

The A15i and A10i extend the renowned A Series with new loudspeakers conceived especially for the installation market. Install-specific rigging options, combined with Panflex adjustable directivity give integrators everything needed to design laser-precise sound coverage under any conditions. Granting unprecedented versatility, A Series for install responds to the needs of theaters, houses of worship, live clubs, educations facilities and offers a highly valuable solution for stadia and arena.

“A Series has already been warmly welcomed by our worldwide rental partners. Adapting the range to include models and accessories that solve the challenges of our installation partners makes perfect sense. The power and flexibility of the A Series will elevate the standard of integration possibilities.”

Germain Simon, L-Acoustics

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