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Laser Magplate

Laser Magplate

Magnetic mount for laser inclinometer

  • Facilitates tilt adjustment of line sources
  • Alignment screws and safety sling
  • Adaptable on L-Acoustics flying frames, and K1 or K2 lasermounts


Product Information Pack


Pack Information Produit

Laser Magplate

The magnetic laser mount facilitates vertical (tilt) adjustment of line sources. It enables users to mount and dismount securely the TEQSAS LAP-TEQ PLUS laser inclinometer onto L-Acoustics’ flying frames without any tool. Four magnetic pods attach the laser inclinometer to the support plate of the L-Acoustics flying  rames, the K1-LASERMOUNT or K2-LASERMOUNT. Two alignment screws ensure correct positioning of the laser and a safety sling secures the laser to the flying frame or cabinet. With the magnetic laser mount, several arrays can be aimed using a single laser inclinometer, saving time and gear.

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