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L-Acoustics releases new Subwoofer Cardioid Extended presets

October 2019

In response to the demand for increased subwoofer directivity control, L-Acoustics has developed the Cardioid Extended preset library. This new “Cx” library is a factory optimized solution offering broadband rear SPL cancellation with limited compromises on front SPL and time response *. As for the Cardioid C classic configuration, the Cx Cardioid Extended configuration is obtained by reversing one enclosure per group of 3 or 4 subwoofers** and simply applying the dedicated Cx preset. Engineers benefit from a plug-and-play solution that saves both time and effort during system calibration. The new Cx library is available in LA Network Manager 2.7.3 for SB15m, SB18(i/m), SB28, KS21 and KS28 subwoofers.
For more information refer to the subwoofer configurations technical bulletin.


* in comparison to classic broadband rear SPL cancellation cardioid techniques.

** reversing 1 enclosure per group of 2 subwoofers is also possible but reduces the front SPL efficiency

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