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L-Acoustics Increases Commitment To Sports And Cruise Ship Installation Markets With A Dedicated Team And New Hire


L-Acoustics Increases Commitment To Sports And Cruise Ship Installation Markets With A Dedicated Team And New Hire

MARCOUSSIS, France – December 2017 – L‑Acoustics announces it has named a dedicated support team for the strategic and growing sports and cruise ship sectors, hiring Tom Williams to the role of applications engineer and appointing Scott Wakelin, who joined L-Acoustics in 2015 as regional sales manager, to the position of sales manager, Sports Facilities & Cruise Ships.

Working with the install applications team, headed by director of application Cedric Montrézor, Tom will represent the L‑Acoustics brand to consultants, architects and venue managers. He’ll also provide technical support to L-Acoustics partners for major sports venue and cruise ship projects around the globe.

Scott Wakelin has over twenty years’ experience in the professional audio industry, developing key partner strategy and focusing on large scale projects for stadia, casinos and railway, among others. His privileged relationships with consultants and key stakeholders in the AV market will be crucial to building the L-Acoustics brand in the Sports Facilities and Cruise Ships markets.

“Scott has built up a strong presence for L-Acoustics in Central Europe,” explains Jochen Frohn, director of business development at L-Acoustics. “He has demonstrated product and project excellence as well as technical expertise and I know he’ll be a strong advocate for our clients and partners in a key market.”

With over a decade of experience designing and deploying large-scale audio systems for both live events and fixed installations, Tom Williams has travelled the globe to oversee the sound system installations of some of the world’s most iconic sports venues and prestigious cruise ships. Tom’s extensive experience working on these strategic installation projects and managing the many stakeholders involved perfectly positions him to help further increase L‑Acoustics’ penetration into these complex and competitive markets.

“L-Acoustics has so much to offer sports venues who are looking to diversify their ROI and engage their fan base and cruise ships that want to ensure their entertainment venues have world-class audio systems capable of attracting top talent,” says Tom Williams. “I’m delighted to represent the brand and I’m looking forward to helping grow the respect and recognition for L-Acoustics in these growing markets.”
“With Tom’s technical expertise, project management experience and dedication, I am confident that he will be a strong asset to the key influencers in these important markets,” concludes Cedric Montrézor. “Having both Tom and Scott dedicated to our important sports and cruise ship projects will raise the game both at L-Acoustics and for our key partners.”

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