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L-Acoustics compact X12 system creates feel-good atmosphere at Stadthaussaal Effretikon


L-Acoustics compact X12 system creates feel-good atmosphere at Stadthaussaal Effretikon

Stadthaussaal Effretikon is situated in the centre of the village of Effretikon, near Zurich, Switzerland. Its main auditorium has a capacity that ranges from 50 to 350, depending on the configuration of the seating, with a floor that can be changed from being completely flat to raised, arena-like, steps. Earlier this year an L-Acoustics X Series system was installed by system integrator Hyposound AG to replace the existing 15-year-old, smaller scale system that was no longer capable of providing complete coverage for larger events such as concerts.

Stadthaussaal is owned by the city of Illnau-Effretikon, with management, operation and technical requirements taken care of by production company Chris&Mike GmbH. The venue was built as a multipurpose hall for community use, as well as for private events. It hosts concerts, banquettes, seminars, cinema and theatre, as well as the monthly session of the local council. Because it has so many diverse uses, the sound reinforcement system needed to fulfil a variety of different needs.

Hyposound has used L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems since 2013 in both its rental and installation projects and its clients have always been impressed by the results produced and the quality of the speakers, amps and ancillary tools such as Soundvision and LA Network Manager, so Hyposound had no hesitation in suggesting an L-Acoustics system for the Stadthaussaal.

“We have a long-term partnership with Chris and Mike,” says Hyposound system engineer Christoph Müller. “Originally, they wanted a small line array system, because there’s also a balcony that needs to be covered, but by using Soundvision and EASE 4.0 simulations, we were able to convince them that a system combining L-Acoustics X12s and SB18s as a centre sub would work perfectly for the auditorium. By doing this, it eliminated the need for delays, frontfill and balcony speakers, which were originally planned for the project, and additionally provided a 5.1 surround option and monitoring.”

“Based on the different simulations we produced in Soundvision, we had an exact picture of how the new L-Acoustics system would sound and we were sure that it would be the best fit for the needs of this multipurpose room,” explains Mike Keller, technical director of Chris&Mike GmbH, who runs the company with brother Chris. “With all this in our documentation, we felt well prepared to talk about budget with the owner.”

The agreed design comprises a main system consisting of two X12, with their light weight allowing them to be hung from existing poles either side of the stage, and two SB18i integrated into the stage construction as a centre subwoofer, all of which are powered by an LA4X amplified controller. A further four X12 are used for monitoring, one of which is also used as a centre speaker for cinema applications along with four 5XT positioned on the rear wall.

“Like this, a common L/R system can be transformed into a 5.1 cinema system by recalling a different preset in LA Network Manager,” adds Mike.

Due to the Stadthaussaal’s packed schedule, with over 200 events a year, there was only a short timeframe to install the system. The previously prepared parameters in Soundvision were transferred to LA Network Manager and, with Christoph only having to adapt it slightly to the room, they produced the optimum solution to provide a well-balanced system for the venue’s operators.

The day after installation and optimization, an international act performed a concert at the Stadthaussaal and Hyposound was delighted to receive enthusiastic feedback.

Shortly after that first show, Chris and Mike, who have been boogie woogie piano players for more than 25 years, touring and producing shows all round Switzerland, had the pleasure of playing at the venue.

“A feel-good atmosphere describes it best,” says Mike. “The system is perfect, has a brilliant sound with a well-formed body wherever you are in the room; under the gallery, on the balcony, to the left, the right, or in the middle of the room. I’m fascinated with the sound quality this small system can produce. That the sound of our concert pianos is reproduced with good body and in such an authentic way is very important for us and for our fans, but to rock’n’roll on this system was a blast!”

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