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AED Rent reinforces its investment in L-Acoustics, adding K1 to inventory


AED Rent reinforces its investment in L-Acoustics, adding K1 to inventory

AV solutions provider AED group is a long-standing L-Acoustics partner, purchasing its first L-Acoustics system in 2002. Fifteen years later, March 1st sees the company take delivery of its first ever K1 system.

Already the owner of one of the world’s biggest stocks of L-Acoustics, AED owns more than 1,500 L-Acoustics K-series line arrays (Kiva, Kiva II, Kara, K2 and K1), along with more than 1,000 L-Acoustics subwoofers (KS28 and SB28) and more than 1,000 wedges. AED dry hires its inventory to other companies, making them an important supporting partner and supplier across the European rental industry. This latest purchase of 96 K1 cabinets will both strengthen the K1 network and help to meet the continuing demand for this large-scale line source array, which has become the industry standard.

“When we purchased our first L-Acoustics products, V-DOSC was the reference in concert touring,” explains Piet Verstraete, sound engineer and account manager at AED. “To us, it was clear that this was a highly innovative manufacturer and we knew investing in their product range was a strategic and long-reaching decision for AED.”

“Our faith has been justified and over the years, L-Acoustics has set many benchmarks including the use of its Soundvision simulation software, locked-out loudspeaker presets, dedicated amplifiers, trained engineers and more. Today, 15 years after our first experience with the company, we are still fully satisfied with the close partnership that we’ve established together.”

“AED has been a key partner since V-DOSC,” added Jochen Frohn, director of business development at L-Acoustics. “We could not be more pleased that they’ve chosen to continue to be one of the most important suppliers of L-Acoustics to European productions.”

AED’s K1 purchase will allow it to offer the full range of L-Acoustics systems to its clients, and to give extra support especially to the Benelux market, which often sees peak demand for high-profile EDM festivals and events.

“The extra K1 in the market will help to serve these high-profile events, for which the L-Acoustics partner network works together to supply,” continues Piet. “A further benefit is that K1 will now become more easily accessible to a wider range of productions, but still with the L-Acoustics K-system guidelines, an industry-recognized guarantee of quality.”

Since AED told its customers of their new investment, interest in K1 has been very high.

“Because of the nature of our business, we’re not always aware of what shows our customers are doing with our products,” Piet concludes. “But we can already say with certainty that you will see our new brown boxes on some major EDM shows this summer.”

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